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My work concerns itself with smashing apart drawings and mental constructs, arranging the aftermath in a dizzying psychedelic image.

For my Line Series, I do this through line. Line contains both the personal gesture of drawing and the utilitarian use for information. Line can express something intensely personal but can also be used as an index of information, like maps. Trying to fuse this personal gesture together with machine-like indexing, my goal is to highlight and synthesize similarities between line as subject and line as object.

I aim to use line as a physical mapping of my studio to invite further inquiry through unconventional perspective, color, and heavy repetition of form, rather than plainly illuminating the figure or object. The objects I choose to devote to are examples of poetic and unintentional expressions of line that I find beautiful: a dirty dish, brushes, a paint palette, a kind of natural de Kooning on the sidewalk. Following each contour attentively and closely, I find inspiration in this devotion to naturally occurring scenes that I see as somehow intensely expressive. However, I aim to smother the object with machine-like attention to create something newly expressive out of its forms. Repeating forms on varying scales and sometimes drawing over eventually removed tape renderings of the object, I try to come close to obliterating the object but only through my own personal gestural hand, only through my touch. In a sense, I am taking the artist out of the picture and replacing it with a more machine-like indexing of information, like lithography or Photoshop layering, but still through my own hand. I hope my work reveals a tension between line as a personal gesture and as a machine-like index, finding a middle-ground between the personal and expressive line of abstract expressionists and the natural beauty of a Geiger counter.

For the Media Series, I am attempting a similar type of psychic smashing of images around me. By letting representation come into the picture, I hope to highlight the absurdity of an oversaturated media sphere. Like the line series, I am reconstructing something new, though instead by obsessing over my gestural hand, I am smashing together images that filter everyday through my computer screen.